What will be happened

Wednesday, April 20th 2016

Human's feeling constantly change...

our emotion can be stable and probably the next time can be more complicated...

If I didn't

Saturday, April 16th 2016

Every step of our life has been written in the book of Lauh Mahfuzh...What already happened meant to be that way....

If I didn't rejected for my postgraduate admission, maybe I didn't establish my frozen food business

If I didn't become a volunteer teacher in pre-school, maybe I didn't know kid's songs and get a long very well with my niece n nephew

If I didn't work in market research agency, maybe I didn't have the passion to pursue my study in Malaysia

If I didn't study in Bogor Agricultural University, maybe I wouldn't meet up with girls who are my best friend till today

We live for the future not the past...

People do made mistake

Sunday, April 10th 2016

People do make mistake, whether you are a lecturer, a pious man, an intelligent person, a person with high dignity or a person with PhD degree...

I do have mistake...with words I might said concious or unconsciously, my attitude toward others ....

Somehow if a person have million of kindness and she / he made one mistake, others will remember mistake she/he have committed without recalling all her/his kindness

Being Tawakal

Sunday, April 3rd 2016

Being tawakal....the word is easier said than done...Just the same with being grateful...

As I have wrote before and quoted from Baba Ali "Allah plan is better than your dream"...

Although I note down my resolution since 2014, if it is not meant for me...I am trying to forget about and not become a burden

With everything I have going through sometime there were moment that I should do better, act wisely, remove all the laziness and think before I act...
But they already happened....
The best solution is just let go...
As my lecturer said " What happened in the past stay in the past..."

Being an Academician

Saturday, 2 April 2016

As an academician I don't have a lot of experience compare to my other classmate while I was studying at IIUM

I teach English for elementary school back then during my degree when there was a job project in the village
Another one is volunteer job as a teacher for kindergarten. It was ok, first time teaching kids at age around 5-7 y.o

Currently I'm a part time lecturer for undergraduate student since last September 2015. I gain a lot and experiencing new thing for every meeting with my class

But being a full time lecturer in a university, apparently your obligation is not only conveying knowlegde and being a good example but also there is administration work, doing research and other marketing works that will increase new intake student to the university you work with...

Exhausted, indeed....but if your passion for teaching can replace all the tired, you don't need to worry....

Need Adjustment

Monday, March 14th ' 2016

Alhamdulilah Safely landed in Kay El today around 4pm Malay time and currently I'm in IIUM

It's 10.30pm and I can't sleep
Somehow it's a bad habit of me to adjust to a new bed not a new environment

Everyday I sleep in my comfortable bed and today i have to adjust myself to another different bed in a different country

I usually sleep at 10pm but probably in Malay I will be sleeping at 11pm cause Malay 1 hour a head of Indo.

Staying at my ex classmate room and planning to pay my VISA

Keeping myself busy in this quite night by watching YouTube, downloading journals and doing other things so I can fall a sleep....

But I still cant.... @_a

Good Marketing

Sunday, February 21' 2016

Indonesia is a potential country for marketing beside India and China because it is the 4th most populated country in the world

As we can see as a developing country, Indonesia is not a superior country and it still has a high consumption.
There are many foreign producers who launched new products every month such as mobile phone, city car and restaurants

The latest trend in marketing is including Indonesian actor in Hollywood movie. As we know Star Wars cast two Indonesian actors in order to grab a wider audience. Indonesian will eager to watch the movies as an appreciation for their fellow Indonesian. In the end, the Star wars movie will gain big score in their revenue...
Such a great marketing hah...;)

Not only in movies, Music video by Justin bieber "Love Your self" if I am not mistaken is also featuring 2 dancers from Indonesia.

Some Indonesian might think that our actress have been recognized in the global movie and music industry. Well I hope we can learn new things from developed countries about their works and apply them in our atmosphere...

That's all from me, it is almost 10 pm, my time to go to bed....

Signing out...

Be Grateful

Tuesday, January,  6, 2016

There are many thing I should be grateful for everything that Allah has given to me in the year 2015...

Sometimes I want to have life like other people has but Sheik Mufti Menk Remind me that Allah has given us according to our portion, be grateful

There are many things I should be grateful for :
- I can present paper for IRTI IDB Workshop and it is sponsored ...Alhamdulilah
- I can travel to Malaysia 4 times in 2015, February, May, August and November... Alhamdulilah
- I can performed my shalat on time...Alhamdulilah
- I can do Qiyamulail almost everyday...Alhamdulilah
- I can recite the Quran according to tahsin and tajwid...Alhamdulilah
- I don't have to face traffic jam everyday like others...Alhamdulilah
- I have a healthy body although I rarely exercise...Alhamdulilah
- I can eat regularly and eat delicious food everyday...Alhamdulilah
- I have my own motorcycle hence I don't have to use public transportation all the time..Alhamdulilah
- I got an offer as a lecturer, which is the job that I want...Alhamdulilah
- I got admission in IIUM...Alhamdulilah
- my term paper was publish as a book chapter by IIUM press...Alhamdulilah
- I can present another paper at the end of the year...Alhamdulilah
- I can get acquainted with new researchers...Alhamdulilah
- I can travel to UIA once in two months...Alhamdulilah
- I have a new niece...Alhamdulilah
- I can earn money from my frozen food business regularly...Alhamdulilah
- I can sew my own dresses which I can wear...Alhamdulilah
- I can memorize surah Arrahman for 20 ayah...Alhamdulilah
- I can share my rezeki to others...Alhamdulilah
- I can purchase Android mobile phone...Alhamdulilah

If we are grateful, Allah will give you more....

Maybe the Last

Monday, 28 Dec 2015

This post is probably my last post in 2015 commencing the new year of 2016

My sister just deliver a baby girl on 26 Dec, Alhamdulilah.
I saw how she struggle accompanied by her husband
Cold feet and shivering lips, I can imagine how painful to deliver a baby.

The beautiful baby is still in the hospital with her parents

Being a mother is every wife's dream
I have a friend who hasn't pregnant after 10 years of marriage. I can't imagine all the waiting. We can't predict Allah's plan and we can only pray and ask Allah

Being a mother is a hard work especially when you are a single mother because of divorced or your husband has passed away

Being Grateful

Monday, November 16' 2015

Most of my resolution is achieved through out this year... Alhamdulilah

  • Expand my frozen food business into wider consumers 
  • Build a down line for my frozen food business 
  • Recruit an employee for my frozen food business
  • Buy a car
  • Buy freezer box
  • Do Qiyamulail at least 3 times a week
  • Find my other half
  • Have kids after I got married ..:)
  • Perform Umroh with my Mahram
  • Memorize more Surah from the Quran
  • Present paper in International Conference
  • Travel to Turkey 
  • Find sponsorship for my study
  • Publish paper in a journal
  • Become a lecture  (Resolution in 2014)

Determination , efforts and lots of pray 

What will be my next resolution for 2016 ???

The Late Post

Monday, November 16th 2015

It's been months since i have not update my blog...
Whether i was not in the mood or internet connection was not working really well in my house

Well, currently i'm in UIA for my future study. Insya Allah i will start my Phd in IIUM at February intake but i have not got any sponsor till today

Short Visit

Wednesday, February 25th 2015

I'm going to KL tomorrow and will staying in IIUM
It will be a short visit, from 26 Feb until 1 March. My plane is on 2 Mar in the early morning....

Let's see whats gonna happened with me there....

First Post in 2015

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

it's 00.30am past midnight and i'm still awake...

Inspiration always pop out in my head at midnight

BTW...Here is a nice quote from Baba Ali or Ali Arkedian
"Allah's plan is better than your dreams"

no matter how hard you pursue your dream if Allah has better plan for you, probably you should find another dream...

Last year i was so eager to pursue for Phd...
I applied twice in IIUM and got rejected for both of my applications. 
The reason was because i have a low CGPA during my bachelor degree and the committees won't negotiate. IIUM is planning to become a research university and there are criteria they need to full filled including having a good CGPA for their Phd student.
Then i try to applied for Phd in some Universities in Australia, i got rejected for 1 application and no response for the remaining applications...-__-
But it's ok...i think it's better because Islamic-phobia is happening in the western countries including Australia because of ISIS...

I always try to think the positive side for the bad think happen to me...there will always be a reason for every incident...

With all the rejection, currently i don't have any more passion for Phd degree.
I just want to focus on my business and building my empire...
But we don't know what will happen in the future, maybe time will tell them all...:)

What will be the next Resolution

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

In another days, we will be commencing the year 2015

Here are my resolution in 2014 

Become a Lecture
Buy a car
Donate more for charity
Expand my business into a new sector
Find my other half
Have kids after I got married ..:)
Memorize more Surah in Quran
Perform Umroh
Present paper in International Conference
Travel to Turkey
Publish a paper in Prominent Journal
Pursue my education on scholarship
Submit at least 1 Manuscript/abstract per month to journal/conference

 I know i should be great full, i have achieved so many things in the year 2014. Although Muslim New Year has been around since October 2014 but somehow for me resolution is suitably listed in Christian New Year, maybe the atmosphere that influence me to do it... 

I should try harder next year to achieve the unsettle 2014 resolution

Being Numb

Monday, November 24th 2014

Currently I'm in University of Indonesia cyber room. 

I have not post anything in the last 2 months...Being busy was not the reason but because i'm having problem with my broadband and laptop....#sigh

First, after top up for new voucher, the quota was not loaded and my money was gone. I have called several time to CS but no one picked up. I really disappointed with AHA Esia...I know i should choose another broadband but there will always an "if" when you are having a problem...
I reload my voucher using ATM in Bank Mandiri on 3 November 2014, after received a confirmation that my transaction was successful from the Staff, i should do a reconfirmation to AHA Esia...

To be honest, interact with call center or customer service and complain about your problem was a very waste of time...
1. Most of the time when you call the CS, the machine will directly you to the voice mail and you should dial which line you want to interact....
2. When the staff doesn't know the answer, she or he will transfer you to another staff or probably his / her supervisor to answer your query...-_-
3. It probably will took around 15-20 minutes just to interact with the CS and probably the answer didn't satisfied you...T_T

And the best solution is never interact again with that provider or do the same transaction to top up your  broadband....

See the Future

Thursday, September 18th 2014

It is mid September 2014 already, as i always mentioned time is running so fast without you even realize it

In another months we will be commencing the year 2015...sigh*

Today my mother is having her thesis defend and she is 59 years old, next year she will be retiring as a teacher, she plan to become a lecture. Such a great spirit and will sure motivate to her children

I know it is hard to let go and being sincere for what have happened in the past. 
You are living for the future but somehow mistakes that you've made in the past could impact your future...

I don't know what the future hold for me...

Withdraw my Fund

Saturday, September 13 ' 2014

Happy Saturday everyone and happy weekend for those who work from Monday to Friday...:)

Last Friday i withdrawn all my fund in mutual fund...

The primary reason for me doing that action was because i don't have any more money in my saving account
I can postponed to withdraw mutual fund if i can withdraw money from my Maybank account from Indonesian' s ATM but eventually i cannot 

I've been investing in mutual fund since last year. The profit share in Islamic mutual fund is better compare if you invest in fixed deposit

In my opinion the development of Islamic capital market in Indonesia is not as better as Malaysia. 
The Islamic stock index movement is not fluctuated as conventional stock market. 
 Consumer prefer to invest their fund in Conventional sector compare to Islamic because conventional sector offer various of products and high return without thinking the consequences of receiving Riba in their fund.

I invest in balance fund and equity fund. 
Although the fund management claimed that their product is Shariah but in the end interest is also included in fund management 

I notice the custodian bank for the product was Citi Bank which is conventional bank. 
Custodian bank is financial institution who hold in safekeeping assets/securities such as stocks, bonds, commodities such as precious metals and currency (cash), domestic and foreign. 

You can read details about custodian bank in the following link

Well, apparently Islamic Bank in Indonesia is not as powerful as conventional Bank. 
Most of Islamic Banks in Indonesia are Windows which mean the establishment of Islamic Bank is subsidiary from Conventional Bank

It is all up to us to decide which investment product is better for us not only in dunia but also in the hereafter...

How do you Know

Friday, August 22nd 2014

Revised Tuesday, December 23rd 2014

When you are looking for the right spouse for eternal, do you have specific criteria..?

Do she/he should be pious, nice, good looking or maybe she/he should be smart ?

How do you know if she / he is the one for you ?

Although the process to know your spouse could be done through arrange marriage or love marriage, you got something with this person right ?
I ask my friends, the reason for them to accept this guy to be their husband

I choose him to be my husband because :

"There is something different when I met him, not like my previous boyfriend. There was a sparked"
"I wasn't so sure at that time if this guy is the right man for my husband, but he has the guts to proposed me"
"I felt chemistry when I met him. Although we hate each other when we first met but eventually he is the one"
I still don't know what kind of man will be my husband....
Chemistry is important but the most important thing is having the same mission and we're clicked...
Marriage is an ever lasting love....You gonna live with this person for the rest of your life...A life partner...

You have to know him and his family before going to the next step...
Maybe he has something for you but you still don't know if he is the one....OR maybe the opposite...

You think you have find the right guy but apparently, he does not feel anything for you...

Time will tell them all....

Not Eating Red Meat

Friday, August 22nd 2014

It's 2 months for me avoiding red meat....
My body feel lighter in these past 2 months and I don't have any problem with difficulty to breath anymore when I got tired or near the fan

I read an article that red meat is not good your heart and could caused a clogged

Being Perseverance

Friday, August 22nd 2014
Perseverance....a new word..:)
I just read this word from my lecture's status in his Facebook...^^
It means steady persistence in a course of action...in other word "Just Keep Trying and Don't Give Up"
I know it's hard and you have to be strong but the key of being succeed in every kind of field is being perseverance
I have been rejected twice for journal publication but maybe there are other researcher or academician who lost count on how many time he / she is been rejected on his/her manuscript...
Just keep trying and don't give up...