Being Numb

Monday, November 24th 2014

Currently I'm in University of Indonesia cyber room. 

I have not post anything in the last 2 months...Being busy was not the reason but because i'm having problem with my broadband and laptop....#sigh

First, after top up for new voucher, the quota was not loaded and my money was gone. I have called several time to CS but no one picked up. I really disappointed with AHA Esia...I know i should choose another broadband but there will always an "if" when you are having a problem...
I reload my voucher using ATM in Bank Mandiri on 3 November 2014, after received a confirmation that my transaction was successful from the Staff, i should do a reconfirmation to AHA Esia...

To be honest, interact with call center or customer service and complain about your problem was a very waste of time...
1. Most of the time when you call the CS, the machine will directly you to the voice mail and you should dial which line you want to interact....
2. When the staff doesn't know the answer, she or he will transfer you to another staff or probably his / her supervisor to answer your query...-_-
3. It probably will took around 15-20 minutes just to interact with the CS and probably the answer didn't satisfied you...T_T

And the best solution is never interact again with that provider or do the same transaction to top up your  broadband....

See the Future

Thursday, September 18th 2014

It is mid September 2014 already, as i always mentioned time is running so fast without you even realize it

In another months we will be commencing the year 2015...sigh*

Today my mother is having her thesis defend and she is 59 years old, next year she will be retiring as a teacher, she plan to become a lecture. Such a great spirit and will sure motivate to her children

I know it is hard to let go and being sincere for what have happened in the past. 
You are living for the future but somehow mistakes that you've made in the past could impact your future...

I don't know what the future hold for me...

Withdraw my Fund

Saturday, September 13 ' 2014

Happy Saturday everyone and happy weekend for those who work from Monday to Friday...:)

Last Friday i withdrawn all my fund in mutual fund...

The primary reason for me doing that action was because i don't have any more money in my saving account
I can postponed to withdraw mutual fund if i can withdraw money from my Maybank account from Indonesian' s ATM but eventually i cannot 

I've been investing in mutual fund since last year. The profit share in Islamic mutual fund is better compare if you invest in fixed deposit

In my opinion the development of Islamic capital market in Indonesia is not as better as Malaysia. 
The Islamic stock index movement is not fluctuated as conventional stock market. 
 Consumer prefer to invest their fund in Conventional sector compare to Islamic because conventional sector offer various of products and high return without thinking the consequences of receiving Riba in their fund.

I invest in balance fund and equity fund. 
Although the fund management claimed that their product is Shariah but in the end interest is also included in fund management 

I notice the custodian bank for the product was Citi Bank which is conventional bank. 
Custodian bank is financial institution who hold in safekeeping assets/securities such as stocks, bonds, commodities such as precious metals and currency (cash), domestic and foreign. 

You can read details about custodian bank in the following link

Well, apparently Islamic Bank in Indonesia is not as powerful as conventional Bank. 
Most of Islamic Banks in Indonesia are Windows which mean the establishment of Islamic Bank is subsidiary from Conventional Bank

It is all up to us to decide which investment product is better for us not only in dunia but also in the hereafter...

How do you Know

Friday, August 22nd 2014

When you are looking for the right spouse for eternal, do have criteria..?

How do you know if she / he is the one for you ?

Although the process to know your spouse is from arrange marriage of love marriage, you have something right.....
I ask my friends, the reason for them to receive this guy as their husband is
"There is something different when I met him, not like my previous boyfriend. I felt a sparked"
"I wasn't so sure at that time if this guy is the right man for my husband, but he has the guts to proposed me at that time"
"I felt chemistry when I met him. Although we hate each other when we first met but eventually he is the one"
I still don't know what kind of guy will be my husband....
Chemistry is important but the most important thing is having the same mission and we're clicked...
Marriage is an ever lasting love....
You have to know him and his family before going to the next step...

Not Eating Red Meat

Friday, August 22nd 2014

It's 2 months for me avoiding red meat....
My body feel lighter in these past 2 months and I don't have any problem with difficulty to breath anymore when I got tired or near the fan

I read an article that red meat is not good your heart and could caused a clogged

Being Perseverance

Friday, August 22nd 2014
Perseverance....a new word..:)
I just read this word from my lecture's status in his Facebook...^^
It means steady persistence in a course of other word "Just Keep Trying and Don't Give Up"
I know it's hard and you have to be strong but the key of being succeed in every kind of field is being perseverance
I have been rejected twice for journal publication but maybe there are other researcher or academician who lost count on how many time he / she is been rejected on his/her manuscript...
Just keep trying and don't give up...

Another One

Monday, August 18th 2014

Another rejection email, the editor said my manuscript is not suitable for the journal at this point in time...

Maybe after this one, there will be a good news...Insha Allah

Your Salary

Monday, August 18th 2014

The higher you got paid, the bigger responsibility you will bear...


Friday, August 15th 2014
Yeay!...My manuscript has been published in BBTA Journal Bangladesh Bank
I thought I was rejected cause I haven't receive any response from the editor team for months
The title is : The Dispute between Bank and Customer in the Case of BBA (Bai Bithaman Ajil). Malaysian Experience
Written by me and my classmate, Nawalin Nazah and Hamida Mohamed

During the Syawal

Saturday, August 9th 2014
If I'm not mistaken it is 12 Syawal 1435 H...
And We still have times for 6 days fasting and make up fasting
How many days left for your Syawal Fasting ?
Me : I have not started, I just did 4 days make up fasting and 2 days to go for another make up fasting...hehehe
Things are getting dull lately and I'm getting bored...
Rejected emails, no response applications and being lazy because I have not achieve new target / resolution these two months...
Keep thinking positive somehow is very tiring...
You think that you are far away from what you will achieved but you will never know what Allah will plan for you next...
Du'a is the best cure...
Just express all your felling and your worries in a Du'a...

Food to Avoid

Tuesday, August 5th 2014
After the Ramadan, for sure I will always watch what I eat
I'm avoiding red meat and Cake with no halal label on it 
If you notice all the bakery store in Jakarta, most of them don't put halal certificate in their store but consumer still attracted to buy
Franchise bakery store currently very popular in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia
You found bakery store franchise from Korea, Japan, Singapore and United State
Most of them don't put halal certificate
From what I see, some Indonesian consumers are not really bother with bakery store without halal certificate. As long as the cake or bakery looks good and affordable, they will buy it...
Pork product can also contain in cheese, dairy product and sweet...
As a Muslim we always be aware on food and beverage that goes into our body...

Your Infaq

Friday, August 1st 2014
During Ramadan it is an obligatory for a Muslim to pay Zakah fitrah...
But when it comes to paying Zakah, it is also a must for Muslim to pay 2.5% from her/his earnings after deducted from his/her expenses
There are many way to do charity.
Infaq is one way that you can do...
Infaq is giving donation with money while Sadaqoh is giving donation in any kind of tool, it can be from your kindness, products or something else
There are many Surah mentioned the important of Infaq for a Muslim...
Al-Baqarah (2: 195)
And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.
Target for you infaq
Al-Baqarah (2:215)
They ask you, [O Muhammad], what they should spend. Say, "Whatever you spend of good is [to be] for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveler. And whatever you do of good - indeed, Allah is Knowing of it."
The return from Allah
Al-Baqarah (2:245)
Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned.
Al-Baqarah (2:254)
O you who have believed, spend from that which We have provided for you before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship and no intercession. And the disbelievers - they are the wrongdoers.
Al-Baqarah (2:265)
And the example of those who spend their wealth seeking means to the approval of Allah and assuring [reward for] themselves is like a garden on high ground which is hit by a downpour - so it yields its fruits in double. And [even] if it is not hit by a downpour, then a drizzle [is sufficient]. And Allah , of what you do, is Seeing.
Saba (34:39)
Say, "Indeed, my Lord extends provision for whom He wills of His servants and restricts [it] for him. But whatever thing you spend [in His cause] - He will compensate it; and He is the best of providers."
My last words, just practice what have been written in the Quran...Everything stated in the Quran is for your own good
Believe and Practice it...:)

This August

Friday, August 1st 2014
First day of August and bills are due this month...
It's very hard when you don't earn a lot but you have many expenses especially bills...
This month I have to pay the road tax, check the engine in my motorcycle and renew its insurance. They are really costly...  
I hope this month my business is doing good..Amin 

Your Manuscript

Tuesday, Juli 29th 2014
In this 2nd day of Ramadan I receive a rejection email for my manuscript
At the first glance I still confuse what the editor was trying to convey...but then I realize it was because the manuscript was not quite appropriate for the journal and the overload in the editorial team...
Well I guess...I need to modify the title and the content to submit for other journal...
As Dr.Gairu (my Supervisor in Master degree) said it's not easy to write for a journal...
However, the response was fast, I submit it on 22 July and receive a feedback 1 week after...

2 Syawal 1435H

Tuesday, July 29th 2014
It's the second day of aidul fitri...

Eid Mubarak to all of you!
I hope you enjoy the festive day with your family and relatives...
I have a great time celebrate it at my grandmother's house...We did a selfie pictures

We always celebrate the first day of aidul fitri at my grandmother (my mom's mother) and at my father side in the following day or in the following week...^^
I miss Ramadan already and I had my first period at the last day of Ramadan, thus I need to do make up fasting for 6 days...*_*
What happened if we have Ramadan for 2 months or maybe 5 months?
Will we ever gonna miss Ramadan so much...???
This 2 syawal 1435H, I don't have any plan, just enjoying the day and enjoy the Aidul fitri meal...:)

Happy Holiday...

Nice Quote

Saturday , July 19th 2014

This is a nice quote that I get from Vannilablog

It really describe how I felt last year after I finish my master degree...

Currently my passion is teaching and become a lecture...

A Present

Saturday, July 19th 2014

On Wednesday I receive a gift from Bunda Eni, who also a volunteer teacher in Rumah Belajar Damar

Aidul Fitri cookies...It's my first gift in the coming Aidul fitri..
I feel so great full...I haven't taste it but receive a present is a very wonderful thing..:)

Thanks Bunda Eni

I hope there will be another gift coming commencing this Aidul Fitri....hahhaha...^^v

9 days to go

Saturday, July 19th 2014
Aidul Fitri is 9 days to go and we still can do more qiyamulail and do our ibadah seriously in this last 8 nights...
I have not start my itikaf cause my mother still busy with teacher training until this Tuesday and my sister always went back late thus they all will feel tired if I ask to do itikaf...
I set Ramadan daily check list and write in down in MS Excel...It benefits me a lot cause I can know my progress daily and try consistently to full fill them all...
  • Recite Al-Matsurah in the morning and early evening 
  • Pray Tarawih
  • Recite Quran and read the translation (how many pages I have recited)
  • Write for a journal/paper
  • Write for a blog
  • Pray Dhuha (how many rakaat)
  • Pray Tahajud (how many rakaat)
  • Do Infaq
  • Silaturahmi (meeting people / networking)
  • Read Islamic book
  • Pray Subuh in masjid
  • Itikaf
  • Memorize a Surah 
  • Pray Sunnah (how many times) 
  • Do Social Work
  • Prepare Takjil (food for breakfasting for others)
  • Dzikir Shalawat (how many times)
  • Tasbih (how many times)
  • Istigfar (how many times)
Lastly....although you are currently working or busy with your research, always try to spare half of your time for ibadah during this Ramadan...
You will never know whether you will feel this holy month again next year

Ramadan is just a glimpse of an will gone soon without you even notice...


Evolution of Me

Monday, 14 July 2014
5 minutes to 12pm...and i'm still awake...
It's Nuzulul Qur'an and the 16th day of Ramadan
There are so many things happening to me in the past 4 years..from the day I enroll in IIUM 
Let's begin with the transformation of me
This picture was taken in front of Mahalah Asiah where I stay there for 3 years (2010-2013), one day after enrollment in the morning...
24 June 2010
I probably weight around 63kg...*_*
Luckily I wore black at that day so I didn't look so big...hehehe
What can I work was so stressful at that time thus food was the only thing that indulged me...^^
Then we go to the following year...2011
6 May 2011....It was my first Ummatic...
I visited there with Fatimah, my classmate and we were staying in the same Mahalah..
She is Thai student by the way...
There were so many things happened to me at that year
  • I have passed my 4 pre-requisite subjects and 1 master core course
  • I officially become a student of Master in Economics
  • I can enjoy the campus live and start to adapt
  • I got a job in CPS as front liner for 3 months during semester break.At that year, there was 5 months semester break because IIUM was adjusting the MOHE time table thus every new semester should start in September... 
  • and I look thinner...:)
Then we go to 2012
This picture was taken in in front of ISTAC library...
15 July 2012
While we were waiting for minibus to take us back to IIUM campus Gombak, we took some pictures in the unique and beautiful building in ISTAC
We just finish attending a talk by Tariq Ramadan...It was a very enlighten talk...  
If I can recall things that happened to me in 2012...mmhmmmm...A lot!
I got dismissed from MEC cause I failed in Econometric pre-requisite twice but after I appeal and waited for days desperately, I finally active again as a student in MEC
The reason is because at that semester (semester 2) I also took Econometric core course for Master and I passed...and that's why the committee in Economic Department put me back on active...yay... \^^/
I was on probation for the second time because my CGPA was always near the border...@_@
What can I say...I wasn't a bright student and MEC was very tough!
and I persistently took research paper as my final task so I can write research..Alhamdulilah I passed...
 After I joined Indonesian Zakat Board for Malaysian cluster, I got the chance to teach how to cook simple delicacies for Indonesian migrant worker at Indonesian Embassy. It was very interesting. I got the know their stories and the reason they have to stay longer as an illegal worker in Malaysia...
It was devastating to hear their story.
Most of them were the breadwinner in their family and they don't have job in their village. And how they treated harshly by their employer 
As a student, I can't provide them anything but only motivation to pray to Allah so their problem would end I look chubby in here..???
16 November 2013 - Convocation Day...^^
There were many sad and happy stories at that day
Lets start with the happy one
I finish my Master degree and got to meet my friends
I was sitting beside my classmate that I often met
The sad parts (with S in part which make it a lot of Sadness)
  1. There were no family picture taken in the campus..My brother and his family were made it to come to Malaysia on the morning flight and they plan to directly attend my convo but apparently rain was pouring so hard at that day so they cancelled it...T_T
  2. I was anxiously planning to continue for Phd and I have applied for September 2013 intake for IIBF and I got rejected. That convo day was not a very big day for me cause I was expected that I already a Phd student during my convo
When we finish the ceremony and come out, the rain was still pouring down...I wasn't so happy when my mother told me my brother couldn't come...
Rain in IIUM on 16 Nov 2013 really reflected how I felt...
I was so tired
After we have took some pictures and I asked my mother and my sister whether they want to visit somewhere else and they said up to me, thus I directly ask to go back to the Citin Pudu hotel...
I know I shouldn't expecting too much about my convocation day and being a Phd student in IIUM...It wasn't as smooth as I thought...
Although there weren't any family portrait in front of the book shelf but we took some picture in the hotel with my robe...:)

I know I should moving on and release all the regret in the past...we live for the future...Just let go...
Allah always has a best plan for us...:)

Post in Bahasa Indonesia

Thursday , June 26 ' 2014
My first post in Bahasa Indonesia...
It should be an essay to apply for scholarship but I didn't pass the administration process and also I got rejected from UIA...
Thus I share this paper rather keep it inside my folder....
Here it goes...
Diriwayatkan dari Jabir berkata,”Rasulullah saw bersabda,’Orang beriman itu bersikap ramah dan tidak ada kebaikan bagi seorang yang tidak bersikap ramah. Dan sebaik-baik manusia adalah orang yang paling bermanfaat bagi manusia.” (HR. Thabrani dan Daruquthni)
            Dari hadits diatas dijabarkan sebaik-baiknya manusia adalah orang yang paling bermanfaat bagi manusia dikatakan oleh Rasulullah saw. Dapat mengamalkan ilmu yang saya punya kepada orang lain dan orang yang menerima memahami dan melaksanakannya merupakan hal yang memuaskan hati bagi saya.
Saat ini saya merupakan guru relawan di Rumah Belajar Damar (RBD) Cinere. Sudah hampir setahun saya mengajar di RBD dari bulan September 2013. Murid-murid yang saya ajar adalah Taman Kanak-kanak dari keluarga ekonomi lemah dan kondisi keluarga yang memprihatinkan. Ada yang tinggal dengan neneknya karena orangtuanya berpisah, ada yang hidup dengan ibunya saja karena ayahnya sudah menikah lagi, ada yang dari balita sudah menjadi anak yatim, bahkan ada yang ayah ibunya tuna netra sehingga tidak bisa mengajari anaknya untuk belajar membaca dan menulis. Pendidikan dan fasilitas belajar yang disediakan RBD diberikan secara gratis kepada murid-muridnya mulai dari seragam sekolah, alat tulis dan materi pembelajaran.
Menurut saya pendidikan dasar yang baik dan benar bagi anak merupakan hal yang paling terpenting untuk tumbuh kembangnya. Karena apa yang mereka dapat sedari kecil akan teringat sampai mereka dewasa. Pendidikan moral yang baik, pelatihan motorik dan keterampilan merupakan hal yang biasa di dapat bagi anak-anak yang berasal dari keluarga kalangan menengah dan menengah atas. Tetapi bagi anak – anak yang orangtuanya sulit untuk mencukupi kebutuhan sehari-hari akan sulit juga untuk mendapatkan pendidikan yang baik.
            Menurut saya bekerja secara sukarelawan di rumah belajar merupakan salah satu cara untuk mengurangi angka kemiskinan. Penghasilan para orangtua murid di RBD hanya berkisar Rp. 500,000 sampai Rp. 1,700,000, sedangkan dengan hasil seadanya mereka harus mengeluarkan biaya untuk bayar sewa rumah, kebutuhan hidup sehari-hari dan biaya transportasi. Dengan menyediakan pendidikan dasar secara gratis yang baik dan benar akan mengurangi beban orangtuanya dalam hal biaya sekolah dasar.
Walaupun nanti murid-murid di RBD akan melanjutkan ke jenjang SD, SMP dan SMA yang sesuai dengan kemampuan mereka tetapi sebagai guru relawan, saya sudah membantu mereka memberikan hal yang terbaik seperti pelajaran dasar bahasa inggris, pelajaran keterampilan, pelajaran membaca dan berhitung, pelajaran tata krama kepada orang tua, motivasi belajar, pelajaran kepemimpinan dan baris berbaris. 
Sebagai guru saya hanya mendoakan yang terbaik untuk murid-murid tersebut, semoga mereka menjadi individu yang kuat, tidak mudah menyerah, bangga dengan orangtuanya, sukses dunia dan akhirat. Amin